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Fellow Seekers, there’s something new to discover on my blog.

In the last month or so, I’ve added two new feature pages: “The Treasury” and “The Gallery”.

In The Treasury you’ll find a chronological list of all my blog articles. All posts are dated and links to the posts are provided. Nothing special, just something to make navigating Seeker of Truth a bit easier.

In The Gallery ...

In The Gallery …

The Gallery, however, is something much more exciting. The Gallery is a page featuring a selection of my own paintings. I am an artist by trade, and my blog felt incomplete without examples of my main form of expression. Just a few of my favourite works, in no particular order. Along with photos of the paintings themselves, you’ll find the title and date each painting was completed, and I’ve paired the artwork with relevant, inspirational and just plain interesting art-related quotes.

You can find links to both “The Treasury” and “The Gallery” above the banner and title on my blog. There’s always more to discover here. And I’ll be adding even more pages, so be sure to check for something new whenever you visit. Seek and ye shall find!

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