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45 years ago today, my favourite cartoon of all time premiered. “Scooby Doo, Where Are You?” was the first incarnation of what would become one of the most beloved TV shows in the world.

This group of teenagers and a scaredy-cat dog have devoted the last 45 years of their lives to chasing down bad guys. Bad guys who like to scare the pants off of everybody while they commit their crimes. Freddy, Daphne, Velma, Shaggy and Scooby Doo have never backed down from a challenge. In fact, in the likely event that no one believes you’re being haunted by Merlin’s ghost or the Headless Horseman? Who ya gonna call? Yep. “Mysteries Inc”.


Neither monster, nor criminal, nor scary locale, nor creepy night stays these meddling kids from the swift solving of any mystery. If Scooby and the gang had an official creed? This would be it.


Season 1 Title Card

The first two seasons of “Scooby Doo, Where Are You?” (1969/1970) are made up of 25 half-hour episodes. Scooby kicked off season 1 with a spooky suit of armour in “What a Knight For a Knight”, and they wrapped the second season with a menacing wax phantom in “Don’t Fool With a Phantom”.

While not my favourite Scooby series, season 1 is classic perfection, and tough to beat. Most will remember the still entertaining but less spooky season 2 for those mandatory musical interlude chase scenes. Gotta admit, I never cared much for those.

Season 2 Title Card

Season 2 Title Card

But it was the next round of Scooby mysteries that I truly fell in love with. In 1976, Scooby Doo returned to Saturday mornings with a brand new show, “The Scooby-Doo Show”.

Season 1 Title Card

These are 40 of THE greatest Scooby Doo mysteries, including my number one Scooby episode of all time: “To Switch a Witch”.

To Switch a Witch

Scooby Doo is still going strong to this very day. There have been many other incarnations of the show, countless movies (including a few terrible live-action flops), and merchandise/collectibles galore.

The collectible side of Scooby Doo is something I know quite a bit about, considering I am an AVID collector of it. I have a weakness for this wonderful cartoon Great Dane, and at 28 years old, I don’t see my passion for him slowing down one bit.

My Scooby Doo Collection

My Scooby Doo Collection

One of my most prized possessions is also one of my very first Scooby pieces. He came from a flea market in Pickering, Ontario, and I was 4 or 5 years old when I got him. He was almost as big as me, and I just fell in love with him. The vendor was packing up for the day, and I practically begged my dad to get me the giant Scooby. Pretty sure it was $30. With a smile, he said, “If you go and ask the man if you can have him for $25, then we’ll buy him.” Those who know me now might find it hard to believe that I was quite a shy little thing, and I just couldn’t do it. Thankfully, my dad wasn’t about to see me in tears, and in a few minutes, I walked out of there all smiles and hugging my new Scooby Doo. (And my dad only paid $25 for him. The man could hear everything and was smiling while my dad gave me the pep talk.)


I was tickled not too long ago when I found this old vintage advertisement online.


The ad is supposedly from a 1985 Hanna-Barbera Mighty Star Toys catalogue. Mine is the largest 44” Scooby. Man, would I like to get my hands on that Scrappy Doo though! (And do NOT be hatin’ on Scrappy on my blog, people. No, not even you, Paul!) ;)

So many happy memories and so many Saturday mornings (and every other day of the week too) surround this timeless cartoon character. Scooby, I hope you live forever.

Happy Birthday, Scoob ol’ buddy, ol’ pal, ol’ friend. Here’s your cake, and yes, you can eat it too. After 45 years of mystery-solving, you deserve it.