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I really like it when I stumble upon something cool right out of the blue. I said that about this interesting 1974 interview with Christopher Lee, and now I’ve found something else that was just too good not to share.

I certainly never intended to write another Addams Family post so soon after the last one. In fact, I didn’t think there’d be an occasion to write about them ever again. But one of the best received features of my previous Addams Family post was the behind the scenes images of the actresses other than Carolyn Jones who auditioned for the role of Morticia.

TV Pilot-Addams Family A Series

You don’t recognize this photo from the other post? That’s because it’s a new shot. One of many wonderful unpublished images (from LIFE Magazine’s archives) that I found today. All are obviously from 1964 — the year “The Addams Family” hit the airwaves.

Most of the actors/actresses in these photos are unidentified. But Twilight Zone fans won’t need any help with this first image.


On the left is Lisa Loring, the actress who would successfully go on to play Gomez and Morticia’s daughter Wednesday. But do you recognize the girl on the right? That’s two-time Twilight Zone actress Tracy Stratford — she played Christie Streator in the classic episode “Living Doll” (1963) (“My name is Talky Tina!”), and then again in the terribly annoying “Little Girl Lost” (1962) as Tina Miller. We’ll never know why Tracy lost out to Lisa, but if I had to venture a guess, I’d say it was probably her irritating voice. ;P


This is a lovely shot of a very pretty unknown Morticia-hopeful going over her lines.


Potential Pugsleys. Ken Weatherwax (who won the role) is on the right. The kid at the top reminds me so much of Paul Teutul Jr. from American Chopper…


The much sweeter looking Blossom Rock is the Grandmama we all know and love, but this actress put her best wart, er, foot forward and auditioned for the role too. She is just so creepy. More “House of Frightenstein” than “Addams Family”, I think.

Old-man Lurch? Yeah, they tried that.


“This Lurch looks too dopey…”


“This Lurch looks too dead…”


“This Lurch has no lips…”

Lurch 3

“This Lurch is just right!”


And let’s not forget this unidentified Uncle Fester (update: This is character actor Stanley Adams — how appropriate a name!) …


… who looks as if he wants to suck your brain out of your face.


I swear he’s probably lisping here. “Thisth isth just tho FABULOUTH!” O_o

Wasn’t that neat to see what the Addamses MIGHT have looked like? Some weird looking characters, but I got such a kick out of these images and hope you did too.

A second post changes nothing though, you understand? I’m still Munsters 100%. Me and Bo Duke. He’s a Munsters person too. Yep. So there. (You’ll have to read the other post to get the reference.)