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Scooby and Scrappy

A grave injustice has been done, and I’m here to right it.

They say “haters gonna hate”, but oh ho ho, no, they ain’t. Not today, people.

I am taking to my blog this time in defense of the little cartoon puppy that never did no one no harm. No, not never.

The fact that someone else made this is proof we aren't ALL Scrappy haters.

The fact that someone else made this is proof that I’m not the only one with a soul.

Readers — and by readers I actually mean my dear-but-misguided best friend Paul — it’s time to stop all this misdirected hate. I ask you, how can there be so much hate for poor Crappy Doo, er, Doggy Doo, grrr, I mean SCRAPPY DOO!?

Now, I know, Scrappy Doo is not a popular character with the majority of the population. In fact, he’s been voted as the most annoying/hated cartoon character ever. Several times. And I myself am not exactly a, what would you call it… “fan” of Puppy Power. Yeah, I just admitted it. I’m not a fan of Scrappy Doo either. But I also don’t hate the little fella. How can I?

Scrappy Doo

Just look at his sweet widdle face!

Scrappy’s only crime was that he wasn’t a scaredy-cat. He was brave, fearless even, charging into a room full of terrifying monsters with nothing but his familiar “Da-da-da-da-da-da!” battle cry. Why, Scrappy Doo inspired a whole generation of youngsters to face the bad guys with courage and honour. Now, sure, there were a few times when the pint-sized pup got a little, um, overzealous, shall we say? Times when he showed a blatant disregard for the safety of others and himself.

But so what? So he liked to run head-long into trouble. So he frequently put himself into dangerous situations where Uncle Scooby and Shaggy had to rescue him before he got creamed by the monster. He was just a puppy! He wanted to make his Uncle Scooby proud.

Scrappy Swamp Witch

And God knows Freddy should have been proud. Those “Scrappy Traps” were ingenious. Most of the time. Some of the time. Well, Scooby and Shaggy were certainly falling into them often enough. Yes, Scrappy could have warned them when he was setting one of said traps. But there were monsters running around! And REAL monsters in the later seasons of “The Scooby and Scrappy Doo Show”. There’s no time for idle chit chat when Big Foot is on the loose. Or you’re running from a crazy cat-man who keeps a pond filled with magic water that shrinks you on his front lawn.

"They've fallen into our shrinking water pond!"

“They’ve fallen into our shrinking water pond!”

I am appalled — appalled, I tell you — at the bad rap that the Scrap has gotten over the last 36 years. Scrappy made his debut on September 22, 1979. “Scooby-Doo and Scrappy-Doo” was technically the fourth season of “Scooby Doo, Where Are You?”, if you want to group all the Scooby shows into one larger picture, as I do. Lennie Weinrib voiced everyone’s favourite pipsqueak for the first season of “Scooby-Doo and Scrappy-Doo”, and Scooby’s voice actor Don Messick took over for the remaining seasons.

Don Messick Scrappy and Scooby

The Scrappy character was introduced to the show because of declining ratings. In order to save Scooby and the gang, producers obviously thought that a nephew for Scooby Doo was the way to go. But since his introduction, many viewers take “Let me at ’em! Let me at ’em!” as what they dream of doing to poor Scrappy.

Scrappy and Scooby

And yes, he IS poor Scrappy. He was annoying, yes. He was aggravating, true. His voice was grating, I know. And I suppose I can agree that he made Scooby look like a bit of a dope. But for me, Scrappy’s saving grace was that he idolized his Uncle Scooby. Had he been running around chastising Scooby for his cowardice, or deliberately showing him up? Yeah, THEN I could hate the little s*it. But he really did mean well, and that’s enough for me to tolerate him without thoughts of blowing him up [insert Paul’s edit — “Don’t just say blowing him up. Say “Eating a live grenade”.”] or having him run face-first into a spinning airplane propeller. (I’m telling you, Paul has a million of ’em.)

For me, some really great episodes came after Scrappy joined the cast. His second episode, “The Night Ghoul of Wonderworld”, makes my top 10 list of Scooby Doo episodes. I’m also partial to the Christmas special (yes, you knew I’d work something Christmas-related in here, didn’t you?) “A Nutcracker Scoob” where we get to see little Scrappy dressed up as a Sugarplum Fairy.


*sighs* You know what? The truth is, I think I secretly love Scrappy Doo. I’m serious. I get more excited when I find a piece of Scrappy memorabilia than anything else Scooby related. Maybe it’s just because Scrappy pieces are more rare.

Scrappy Doo Collectibles

Five pieces — FIVE pieces of Scrappy stuff are all I have??

I’m sure many toy Scrappys were run over, dismembered and destroyed by sickos who have no appreciation for the finer things in life. Like catching bad guys or making a nuisance of yourself for no good reason. Hmm, come to think of it, Scrappy was a pretty disobedient little squirt. I mean, he’s a dog and he never, ever listened to the most basic doggy command — STAY. “Scrappy, don’t go in there!” “Scrappy, wait for us!” “Scrappy, you stay here until the gang arrives to help us!” Nope, the bugger just did whatever the hell he wanted with not even a second thought about the consequences. I —

Whoa, wait. Why is it I’m defending this runt again…?

A Fit Night Out For Bats

Oh, Scrappy. I’m afraid this is the best I can do. Even I can neither love you, nor hate you. I suppose it was just your destiny to be the most despised cartoon character in existence. But your legacy endures. When there are villains who need splatting, I know who I’m calling. Puppy Power is alive and well and you will live on, you petulant pup… in the secret Scrappy shrine in my closet…..

* * * * *

I really hope you all know this was truly just for some fun on a rainy day. Thanks for being a good sport, Boss. Looking forward to hearing, in great detail, about Scrappy’s latest da-da-da-da-demise. ;)