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I’m so picky when it comes to art. Just like I’m picky when it comes to horror. NO, I didn’t say I had a refined palate when it comes to horror! Just that I’m picky about what I like. It’s not my fault that what I like is often campy, kooky, and well… crappy.

So what could be better for me than mixing art and horror?

It’s rare that I see a current artist whose work is so incredible that I want to talk about it. That’s not saying there aren’t a lot of great artists out there painting today. There absolutely are. Tons of them. But as I just said, I’m pretty picky when it comes to art that I like. Recognizing good art and eagerly tipping your hat to the talents of an artist isn’t the same as liking what the artist creates.

In keeping with the October Halloween spirit here on Seeker of Truth, I want to introduce you to one of my favourite current artists. He paints a variety of subjects, but it’s his horror-themed masterpieces that leave me practically speechless.

Jason Edmiston

The artist is Jason Edmiston. I admit that I enjoy having my own distinctive style of painting, but Edmiston is one of the few artists in the world whose work makes me say, “Geez, I wish I could paint like that!”

You can learn more about him here, but for today, I just want to show you some of his amazing horror paintings. They’re insanely colourful and superbly executed. His style is incredibly unique and immediately recognizable. Rendered in the most exquisite detail, Edmiston’s paintings somehow blend high realism with caricature, and the result is portraits simply glowing with life and full of character. He has the flair of Basil Gogos, with a much more refined execution. I love it.

And like Gogos, he’s done some cover art for “Famous Monsters of Filmland”. Which as far as I’m concerned, is way more prestigious than having your art hanging in any fancy gallery in the world.

Jason Edmiston "Famous Monsters of Filmland" #254, #261 Covers

Jason Edmiston “Famous Monsters of Filmland” #254, #261 Covers

My favourite of Edmiston’s pieces is “The Bride”. This is also one of my favourite paintings of all time. She’s amazing. Also very fitting considering I’ll be featuring my own brand spanking new Bride of Frankenstein painting in Saturday’s Halloween post, celebrating Bride of Frankenstein‘s 80th anniversary.

Jason Edmiston Bride of Frankenstein

Jason Edmiston, “The Bride”

And be sure to visit JasonEdmiston.com to see some of his other fantastic pop culture creations.

Until next time, unpleasant dreams . . .