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Every once in a while, I get to do something really fun. Last month, I was featured in Syfy Wire’s Collectors Showcase. Or I should say, my Scooby Doo collection was!

I’ve loved the Syfy channel since back when it was still SciFi, and I’ve followed Syfy Wire on Twitter for many years. So when they put out a call to collectors for a chance to be featured on their website, how could I resist? I mean, I have a closet full of Scooby Doos!

Happily, I was selected to have my collection immortalized and shared online with other geek, nerd and toy enthusiasts, and here is the result!

Syfy Wire Collectors Showcase: A Massive Trove of Scooby Doo Treasures

Please do click through to the Syfy Wire site to have a look, but I’ve also gone ahead and included the entire interview (with photos!) here on my own blog. I decided to do screen grabs of the article to give you a break from reading grey text on a black background.

I don’t think I realized just how extensive a collection I have until I sat down to take some pictures and consider how to best answer the questions I was asked. There is a LOT of stuff in there! But as you’ll learn from reading my interview, it all makes me happy, and that’s the true reason for collecting — doing/having something that’s fun and makes you happy.

Last year, I came across an article about a woman who boasts holding the Guinness World Record for the largest Scooby Doo collection. A few years later, another lady was vying for the title.

After doing this article for Syfy Wire, I’m seriously starting to consider itemizing my collection and tossing my hat into this ring of meddling collector kids!

The feature touches on some basics like my favourite collectible and why I started collecting. But I really enjoyed how it also dug a little deeper, allowing me to explain why I think a lot of people have lost the true spirit of collecting, and why I’m so choosy about the pieces I procure.

It’s a little long (because it’s me, duh), but I hope you all enjoy taking a more in-depth peek at my Scooby Doo collection, and my thoughts about collecting in general. All photos have been uploaded at full size, so click on any one for a closer look.

Okay, gang, to the Mystery Machine!

My favourite piece! The 1980 Mighty Star Toys 44″ Scooby Doo plush.

My rather large wrestling figure collection sneaking its way into the shot. I also learned how difficult it is to take decent photos in very tight, dark spaces.

A few of my absolute favourite pieces, as well as my much-too-small Scrappy collection.

The Canada’s Wonderland pennant!

All of my Funko Scooby Doo products.

While I’ve never necessarily been a comic book fan or collector, collecting Scooby Doo comics was a no-brainer.

The spooktacular Scooby Doo Mystery Mansion!

The date on the Pizza Hut cup is 1995. Which means I was 9 years old when the above story took place.

Sadly, I have no vintage Scooby comics in my collection at present. But I have comics from the Harvey Classics series, Archie Comics series, a full set of DC’s first wave (minus one issue), and many of the ongoing DC Comics series as well. Also issue #1 of Scooby Doo Apocalypse — in my collection only because it’s a collector’s issue. Honestly, the whole idea of this kind of reboot is sacrilegious and disturbing.

Captain Cutler’s Ghost is in the middle!