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If I had a nickel for every time someone complained about seeing stores loading shelves with Christmas decorations in November, or crabbed at me for decking my halls before December 1, I’d be so rich I could literally buy the North Pole and become a real Ms. Claus, giving away toys to good girls and boys.

But I noticed something interesting this year.

These same crabby people have been bombarding my Twitter timeline with in-store Halloween decorations, pumpkin-themed hauls, mood tables, etc., etc., etc….. since early AUGUST.

*sniff, sniff* Hmm, what’s that smell? It sure ain’t pumpkin spice, let me tell ya! Let’s do a bit of math, shall we?

August 8 (I saw the Halloween stuff begin) – October 31 (Halloween)
= 86 days
November 12 (I start decorating for Christmas) – December 25 (Christmas)
= 44 days

Uh huh. And that, my friends, is the overpowering smell of hypocrisy in the morning.

So to those people who like to moan and b*tch that we Christmas-loving folk get into “the spirit” too early? Ahem, you know what they say. People in glass haunted houses shouldn’t throw lumps of coal…

🎃 Happy October!  🎃

Now that I’ve gotten that off my chest, it’s time for our yearly shift to the Dark Side, as October ushers in the official Halloween season here on Seeker of Truth, as well as over on my Twitter page, @WendyLovesJesus.

Now, I wasn’t complaining about the early Halloween stuff above. I was simply making the point that everything is relative. Halloween lovers actually start celebrating twice as early as Christmas lovers do, and revel in their holiday spirit twice as long. So if you’re going to start celebrating your holiday early, then don’t have a conniption and drag other people through the dirt when they want to celebrate their holiday early too.

Frankly, I also get as giddy as a little school ghoul when I see the fall/Halloween decorations are out. I look forward to the paper ghosts and mangy werewolf costumes, shelves of mini Halloween candy and creepy masks, as well as scary movies and motion-activated chain-rattling skeletons that haunt the aisles of all the stores. And I must admit, so far, I have enjoyed seeing all the creepy Halloween-themed treats that all the most popular brands have been putting out this year.

There’s a creepy cornucopia of edibles to choose from, like scarified cereals: Reese’s Puffs Bats, Pumpkin Spice Frosted Flakes, and Spooky Marshmallows Fruit Loops and Apple Jacks.

Creeped-up cookies: Toll House Monster Munch, Orange-cream Halloween Oreos, and Halloween Chips Ahoy! with orange and brown chocolate chips.

There are even things like special chocolate cake Twinkies and skeleton-shaped Cheetos.

Personally, I’m not much interested in actually buying and eating any of these things, either in their regular form or their updated Halloween-ed editions. But what I AM interested in is the gorgeous and often clever spook-tacular packaging. And let me tell you, some of it is pretty sensational!

Now, most of the products I mentioned above are from south of the border, and they’re all well and good. But I was tickled to see that Canadian brands were getting in on the Halloween action for 2018 too — and in my opinion, doing a fang-tastic job of it. It’s fine to slap the term “Pumpkin Spice” onto everything, but when a company starts tossing in puns and using appropriate imagery to play off of a product name? *claps loudly*

Nestlé Canada really went all out on its trick-or-treating-size snacks. The best rebranding I saw was this kooky take on the popular Canadian chocolate bar (and my absolute favourite), Coffee Crisp — which became “Coffin Crisp” for October.

I mean, come ON, that’s brilliant.

There’s a skeleton — in a coffin!! Sheesh, Kellogg’s took a regular box of Frosted Flakes, turned the blue background orange, and just slapped a piece of pumpkin pie onto it. (I will say that the box art for the chocolate Frosted Flakes is MUCH cooler!)

And what can you do to spook up something called a Kit Kat? Easy — put a black Halloween cat onto the package!

A plain ol’ Aero bar becomes a witchy “ScAero” bar!

Then our beloved rainbow Smarties turned into orange and brown “Scaries”!

And just because you can’t think of a way to change-up the actual product doesn’t mean you can’t jump on the Halloween bandwagon and give your packaging a Monster makeover!

As someone who wishes she had been alive in 1964 to experience first hand “The Year of the Monster”, which brought us both The Munsters and The Addams Family, and countless creepy, kooky, mysterious and spooky monster toys and magazines, I’m not at all mad about this resurgence of monsterific goodies and treats for the Halloween season. Mystery/horror will forever be my favourite genre, and I want people to discover and appreciate monster-related things, like the really cool Hammer films and creepy cartoons that I have spent my life enjoying.

So the Witching Hour is here! Not sure how many posts will go up this Halloween season, but I have high hopes and even higher goals. I guess time will tell, but I hope all you boils and ghouls will come back for whatever frightfully fang-tastic content I manage to scare up.

In the meantime, there is one Halloween candy that even I can’t resist.
Kerr’s Molasses Kisses.

Said by losers some to be the worst Halloween candy, but beloved by all Canadians who once upon a time ate their body weight in these sticky, teeth-breaking taffy delights.

Oh, more public school memories

Happy Howl-oween everyone.

Until next time. Unpleasant dreams…