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It’s October already, boils and ghouls! And right now, the most famous movie monsters are off and busy preparing for the Halloween Hassle at Dracula’s Castle. The Mummy is all wrapped up writing out the party invitations. Frankenstein and the Bride are getting a real charge out of the twinkling orange lights they’re hanging. It’s already getting a little hairy in the backyard where the Wolf Man and Mr. Hyde are spinning “Monster Mash” on vinyl and howling up a storm. Fangfully Dracula himself is at the ghos-cery store picking up the food: Stakes for the BBQ and — ick — tomato juice for the Bloody Marys. (Substitutes, always substitutes!)

But this classic monster menagerie isn’t the only spook game in town. No, while they’re otherwise occupied, I’ve scared up a few other Halloween hauntings!

Who’s up for an early Halloween party? Hop on your broomsticks and let’s head over to “Betty Boop’s Halloween Party”! (1933)

There are soooo many delightfully devilish Halloween shorts from these early years of film. But perhaps none is quite as terrifying as Disney’s 1929 Silly Symphony animated short, “The Skeleton Dance”. :-o

So tell me, horror fangs — did this little taste of terror help get you in the mood for Halloween? I hope so. Because I have many more spooky blog posts churning about in my cauldron. Since this year marks Scooby Doo’s 50th anniversary, I decided to go all out for my favourite cartoon character, opting for a Scooby theme on Twitter, and hopefully a Scoob-heavy-post presence here on the blog for the month of October.

See you again soon, fiends.

Until next time, unpleasant dreams . . .